A Little About Memorial Drive
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Welcome to a place to start life over.

If you're looking for perfect people or a perfect church, you'll need to keep looking.  We consistently find that we are still in kindergarten, learning what it means to be like Jesus and figuring out how best to encourage each other. 

Like all families, at different times we laugh, cry, celebrate, mourn, study, grow, succeed, fail, make mistakes,
and enjoy success together.

We believe God is at work among us, and His Spirit provides guidance and strength for our journey.

Our goals are several. We desperately want to bring honor to the one, true living God. We need to be together for we get tired and weary. We need each other to motivate us to keep going (Hebrews 10:25). We want you to sense that we need you...right now...today. You bring us honor that you would spend your valuable time at this church.

Visit us soon!