God Will Make a Way

Hope, peace, comfort, courage, and a confident voice saying that everything will be all right - every person who faces unexpected tragedy in their lives craves these assurances.  You, a friend, or a family member have felt gaping wound caused by divorce, death, disease, and disheveled dreams, and you've searched for the answers that will mend and heal.  Terry Rush has written this book to be the hand that grasps yours and leads you to that healing.

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100% Natural Evangelism (DVD series)
A four part seminar on Two Discs

Disc One:
100% Natural Concepts...learn to relax; it's easier than you think
100% Natural Vision...believe God works
Disc Two:
100% Natural Methods...simple ideas to reach out
100% Natural...Plus...the role the Holy Spirit plays in evangelism

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Empowering the Ordinary

The Holy Spirit Helping Inadequate Believers
Includes 13 study guides for small groups and Bible classes

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The Miracle of Mercy

If ever hearts ached for peace and forgiveness, they ache now.
If ever relationships cried out for hope and reconciliation, they cry out now.
If ever families yearned for harmony and understanding, they yearn now.
If ever there was a time when our world needed a miracle, the time is now.
It's time for the miracle of mercy.
Jesus taught it, ruined relationships long for it, a sin-filled world requires it.  But can we live it?
Open this book, open your heart, take a deep breath of courage, and welcome the miracle of mercy into your life.

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Books and DVD's by our Senior Minister Terry Rush
MVP!  Why You Are Most Valuable in God's Eyes!

MVP understands our inner struggles and offers practical solutions.  This inspiring work declares God doesn't make junk; no one has drawn the short straw. 

Endorsed by several of the St. Louis Cardinal greats, the backdrop for this book is full of baseball innuendo, yet it is truly about the new confidence one finds from walking with God.

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